About The Artwork

Licensing and Usage
All artwork and content copyrighted@ by Pamela Fleming, The Magic Sleigh 2010
Any and all reproduction rights, including publishing, are reserved solely by the artist. The artwork and images are not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated, or misappropriated in any way, unless written permission is granted by the artist.
Interested in using Pamela's artwork for products, illustrations and more?
Below you will find the companies who are licensed to create and wholesale various products using Pamela's work.

For Tubes And Tags

MY TAG ART   for tubes/tags. 

*Only Use Watermarked images from my website.
Pamela only grants display permission of the images of her artwork as shown here on her website,
www.TheMagicSleigh.com - complete with the ©Pamela Fleming "watermark" text on them.  Please
NO scanning in other pics/images or snagging them from commercial sites, etc.   For free display,
Pamela only allows use of her "watermarked" images from this site.
*You MUST credit me.
You will need to credit the following: ©Pamela Fleming and a link (clickable if possible) to
* All images are for NON commercial use ONLY